Let's connect for a free phone consultation to explore which service is right for you! I will detail my process and elaborate on the options that each package offers. We will also review mutual expectations for working together. This is an opportunity to have your questions answered. Please fill in the form attached. 

THE BRONZE PACKAGE/in-home consultation

The Bronze Package is the first step to Staging a home with a 2 to 3 hour consultation walking through each room of the home using an 8 step process ending with a written detailed report planning everything needed to maximize the home’s look and appeal to buyers. We choose the best pieces already in the home and make a list of recommended cosmetic changes to update and style the home to perfection! This is the perfect package for a DIY homeowner who wants to Stage the home themselves or the first step before a half day or full day of Professional Home Staging/Styling services. This is also a great package if you want to style or update your home for yourself or to rent it out! [$150]

THE SILVER PACKAGE/half day staging

The Silver Package is a half day session of Staging expertise working alongside the home owner to transform and photograph the main living areas of your home including the living room, kitchen, dining room, main bathroom, master bedroom and master bathroom transforming these rooms into beautifully styled spaces home buyers will love! Using what is already in the home and adding any new accessories purchased by the homeowner to make the home stand out with a style today's home buyers want! This package is designed to showcase the home for Real Estate listing but also works great for updating or styling a home for yourself or to rent. The home needs to be clean and clutter-free before the staging day begins. [$300] 

THE GOLD PACKAGE/full day staging

The Gold Package is a full staging day working with the home owner to transform the entire home making it a show-stopper! The home needs to be clean and clutter-free for the staging day to begin. We’ll start with the entry and work together using the best pieces already in the home adding any new accessories purchased by the homeowner to stage and photograph the home beautifully inside and out! Buyers will be able to picture themselves living in the home and are sure to be impressed! This package optimizes and showcases your home for a Real Estate listing but is also a great way to professionally style your home even if your not selling or to get it ready to rent. It's designed for maximum appeal to wow buyers with the goal of getting your home sold fast and for the optimum price! [$600]


We also do Vacant Staging! Statistics prove vacant homes take twice as long to sell when left unstaged. This full- day staging package furnishes a vacant home with furniture, artwork, and accessories focusing on the main living areas of the home: The Living Room, Kitchen, Dining area, Main Bathroom, Master bedroom, Master Bathroom to create a lifestyle vision home buyers will love! Quality photos are taken to make your listing look fantastic! [$600 plus furniture/accessory rental fee]

Light Staging

"Light Staging" is a way to stage a Vacant home with an attractive look at minimal cost without using large furniture pieces. Vacant homes tend to sit on the market longer feeling cold and uninviting if they aren’t staged. This step makes a big difference in getting a home sold by adding warmth and style giving buyers a great first impression and envision living in the home! It Includes a walk-through, a written plan, and 2-3 hours of professional staging for the main living areas of the home including the entryway, kitchen, bathrooms, and any built in feature such as shelves and fireplace mantel with accessories. Quality photos are included for your listing! Your home is set apart from others on the market making it appealing to sell quickly at the top price! [$300]


Home Styling/Redesign: We create beautiful updated spaces whether you want to start with what you already own and love or begin anew! Focusing on details and placement we personalize your home to suit your lifestyle. New accessories and furnishings are added as desired to make your home enjoyable for years to come! Whether you want to make-over one room or an entire home this is a perfect professional styling choice! [Pricing varies with each project and can be hourly, half day, or a full day]

Lobby/Business/Storefront Redesign: Want to update and keep your Lobby, Business, or Storefront looking great? We start with the furniture you already own or begin from scratch to create and customize a look to match your brand so clients will know they’re in the right place!

Shopping: I’m happy to help you find artwork, decor accessories, and items you’re looking for at the price range you set.

And so the ADVENTURE begins!