Certified Home Stager



As a Professional Home Stager/Stylist/Designer, I’m able to help Homeowners transform homes to get them sold quickly and at top price! In Staging, it’s awesome to see buyers fall in love and seller’s thrilled when their home sells quickly, close to or above the asking price. It’s best to Stage a home before listing it for sale but also wonderful to Stage a home that’s been on the market awhile and isn’t selling. Watching the refreshed Staged home sell quickly brings joy for everyone when the offers come in after Staging! It’s rewarding to see the difference Staging makes in getting homes sold! Professional Home Staging brings a good return on the investment!

Home Redesign is simply starting with what a homeowner already owns and loves, or if preferred, starting from scratch. We re-work the best pieces into a new design to Refresh a room or an entire home! It really makes a home more enjoyable to update and refresh your space suited to a homeowner’s lifestyle and needs!

Organization cultivates peace by reducing stress, and simplifies life by transforming areas prone to clutter into beautiful, functional spaces. Closets and Pantries are typical spaces many people appreciate help to organize.

Home Decorating has been something I’ve enjoyed over the years. My passion is helping others during life changes, whether as a daughter, wife, mom, nurse, or friend. My career has been as a Registered Nurse. My hobbies have been mostly in Home Arts. I love spending free time rearranging and refreshing rooms. I enjoy sharing the art of home styling to get a home ready to sell, update, or organize to make home living functional and beautiful!

Before I knew about Home Staging, we had the personal experience of moving out of state for my husband’s job leaving our home vacant while it lingered on the market 5 months. It eventually sold for several thousand dollars below the asking price. We weren’t alone as I’ve come to understand this is common with vacant homes for sale. They tend to feel cold, stale, and sterile. Buyers view it and have trouble seeing themselves living there and wonder how to arrange furniture and decorate, often thinking about making a low offer, if at all. It’s likely our home would have sold quicker and for a higher price if it was “Staged.” It may have saved us the added stress and expense of continuing to pay our mortgage while renting another house in our new location. As the saying goes “hindsight is 20/20.” Knowing I can help others avoid this scenario is what led me to a career in Home Staging. Understanding buyers need to see a home as a place with a lifestyle perfect for them and appreciate the positive aspects the home has to offer is the “key” to getting a good offer.

Before I took formal training, I helped friends and family prepare homes for sale. A friend with a ranch style home and outbuildings on 5 acres needed help getting it sold. We de-cluttered and updated to create a vision of what life could be like living on a small farm in a picturesque Colorado setting. The buyers fell in love with it! Another project was for my parent’s 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. They were facing health problems and needed to move. I helped them organize and stage their condo, leading to a quick sale by owner at full asking price!

I took a thorough Home Staging course, learning all I could to become a certified professional to provide the best services possible, as a Home Stager and Re-designer. The program, accredited by RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) helped me refine my talent and skills and learn how to establish and run a small business. I’m so happy to provide professional services in Staging, Styling, Redesign, and Organization for my clients! I specialize in homes, condo’s, vacation rentals, apartments, and new construction homes that can be completed in one day! An amazing transformation is the result, bringing joy to both sellers and buyers! A $199 consultation for the DIY homeowner is a great value and a good place to start if you want or need more help!

Client Satisfaction is my goal whether in Home Staging, Home Styling, Redesign, or Organizing. I prioritize the needs and lifestyles of my clients and work well within a budget. I also enjoy helping Businesses and Offices with their Styling needs so their brand is reflected in the Office or Storefront. I'm eager and ready to help new clients with their projects. All it takes is a phone call or email to get started! I’d love to meet you and help with your design needs!