What a wonderful Day! I’ve never seen this one before.
— Maya Angelou


1. Your home will sell a lot quicker when professionally staged.   A survey of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed the longer a home remains on the market, the less it sells for. Homes sold in the first 4 weeks usually sold for 1% more than the asking price;  By the 24 week mark, homes averaged 10% less than the asking price. 

2.  Professional home Staging is a good investment. A Zillow survey revealed Professional Staging is the second best investment a home seller can make in the process of selling the home. Typically for every dollar spent on staging Seller's see a 10% return.

3. Over 95% of home buyers are looking online before they go out to look at homes. Home Staging with quality photos gives the home an advantage over others on the market.

4. Staging helps buyers picture themselves living in the home by adding buyer appeal. This is the key to getting offers!

5. Home Staging helps buyers visualize the potential of a home buy focusing on the positive aspects and creating on a lifestyle look buyers love.

6. Professional home staging helps sellers who aren't able to see their home in an objective way.  A professional home stager is an expert at seeing homes through buyers eyes and transforming it into what buyers are looking for!

7. Selling your home without staging will cause buyers to compare yours to other similar homes on the market that have been staged. This only helps to sell the other house. Make your home the one buyers want!

8. Home Staging is inexpensive when compared to reducing the home’s price by thousands of dollars when it isn't selling. 

9. The money you spend on Staging may be tax deductible and the money you make on the sale of your home may be eligible for a tax-free gain! (Ask your tax advisor for details. Laws vary from state to state.)

10. Home Staging reduces seller's stress. You’ll be able to start packing and move forward knowing your home is at it's best and has the style buyers are looking for. You can relax knowing you’ve done everything possible to sell your home for it’s true value in the quickest time by having it Professionally Staged!

10% of proceeds donated to Habitat for Humanity of the San Juans